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How do I register a new Consortium / Association of Companies?

To create a new Consortium / Association, you must register first the main company of the consortium (more registration details about the new Legal Entity, find in the following link How do I register a new Legal Entity (eg company, etc.))?

Then the Company Account Administrator of the main company can do the registration.

  • Login with the credentials of Company Account Administrator, from the page
  • Go to the main menu at the option My company.
  • The registration can be done either by the option Company details -> Add Consortium / Association button or by the option Consortiums / Associations -> Add Consortium / Association button
  • On the field Consortium / Association Members add the members that constitute the consortium. The field is free text. By typing each member press enter to complete the entry.
  • Enter the General Data.
  • In the address field the information is prefilled from the address of the main company. You may edit it if you wish.
  • In the Contact Information the information is prefilled from the relevant information of the main company.
  • In the last field Recipient(s) e-mail for updates from members of the Business Directory (e.g. Invitations to Tenders)*, the email addresses are prefilled from the registered ones of the main company. You can remove an email by the x sign or add a new one. For inserting an email, type the new email and press enter to complete the entry.
  • Select ADD
  • A message appears confirming the user that the credentials will be sent to the Customer Account Administrator of the main’s company who will be mandatory created as the Company’s Account Administrator of the Consortium/Association.

More details about the login process after your registration, you can find here: How do I login with my credentials after registration?

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  • 23-May-2022