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How do I login with my credentials after registration?

After the completion of your registration or the approval by the Company Account Administrator, if necessary, you will receive an email at your email address that you have declared, in the following format:

It includes the Username and the link that you will select in order, to set your Password. For connection, follow the instructions below.

  • Click on the link of your email “Link to account update”. Note that the email indicates the time that the link will remain active.
  • You will be transferred to a browser where the following message is displayed. If the message appears in English, you can change it from the upper right corner of the message.
  • Click on the link of the message Click here to continue

If instead of the above message, the message that appears is “We are sorry...Waiting time has expired”, click on the following link. I click on the email link and the message that appears is «We are sorry...Action and/or link has expired». What should I do?

  • You must set the New Password. The new password must contain:

- At least 8 characters,

- One number,

- One capital letter,

- One lowercase letter.

  • Confirm Password.
  • Press Submit.

The following message appears. Click on the link Return.

You will be transferred to the page to login.

Click on the button LOGIN.

Enter the Username that you received in your e-mail and the new Password that you set.

Click Sign In.

You are now logged into the portalONE.

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