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How can I request deletion of my account?
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Requesting deletion of your account:

  • Select the option Settings on the upper right corner and choose «My profile».
  • Click on the button Delete at the bottom of the page.
  • Read the terms and accept the deletion of the user by clicking on the tickbox: I fully and unreservedly agree with the above and select ACCEPT.

  • The user that submitted the request and the Company Account Administrator, will receive notification email for the deletion request of the user.

  • The process of deleting the user starts after 5 working days.

Note: If you are the Company Account Administrator, you cannot request to delete your account, till you assign another user as the new Company Account Administrator.

In case you wish to cancel your deletion request withing the specific time period set, please check here: How can I cancel the deletion request of a user that has already been submitted?

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