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What options do I have from the 'Categories' option of 'My company' menu?
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On the option ‘Categories’ displays the categorization that has been added for the Legal Person. Categorization is not supported for Individuals-Natural Persons. The categorization appears according to the European Standard CPV codes as mandatory and, also according to the Hospital Procurement codes as optional. If you are collaborating with Greek hospitals, be sure to categorize yourself in this model too, because it is used for inviting suppliers.


If you are a user, you have only the right to view Categorization.

If you are the Company Account Administrator you have the right, to view and edit categories, from the button Categories editing.

More details about categorization you can find here: How do I categorize my company according to company’s commercial activities?

Important note: If a tender is not visible in the sourceONE application because you didn’t have the category was selected by the creator in this tender, you should contact the creator to invite you. Adding this missing category later will not give access to find the tender. It will provide you with an invitation for future use in tenders that will have this category specified.

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