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How do I register a new user through the user registration process?
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  • Visit the page
  • Choose the language you wish from the flags to start the sign up.
  • Select the button SIGN UP.

  • Read the Terms of use and the Privacy policy.
  • If you agree, click on the tickbox: I have read and accept the Terms of use and the Privacy policy to activate the registration buttons. 
  • Select User Registration.

  • In the field country, Greece is default. Change it if needed.
  • Enter the VAT number.
  • Select Next.
  • Fill in the user’s details.
  • Select Next.
  • Confirm that the information you have provided is correct. You can edit the user’s details by selecting the button Previous at the bottom of the page or by selecting the step ‘User’s details’ (pencil icon) at the top of the page.
  • Select SIGN UP.
  • A confirmation message appears on the screen.

  • An email is sent to the new user and to the Customer Account Administrator stating that an approval should be preceded by the Customer Account Administrator in order, to send credentials to the user.

  • Login with the credentials of Company Account Administrator, from the page
  • Choose from the menu My company -> Users -> by the new user from the Actions tab -> the icon «On».

  • The new user receives e-mail with the login credentials at the email address declared during registration.

For more details for the login after your registration, you can find here: How do I login with my credentials after registration?


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