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How can I request deletion of another user of the Legal or natural person?

Requesting the deletion of a user of a Legal or Natural Person, you should login with the Company Account Administrator credentials.

  • Go to the menu My company - > Users.
  • Go to the user that you are interested to delete and from the column Actions select the button User deletion Request.
  • Read the terms and accept the deletion of the user by clicking on the tickbox: I fully and unreservedly agree with the above and select ACCEPT.

  • The Company Account Administrator and the user to be deleted, will receive notification email for the deletion request that was submitted.

  • The process of deleting the user starts after 5 working days.

Note: You cannot delete the account of a user that is the Company Account Administrator. You should assign another user as the new Company Account Administrator in order, to have active the option of deleting a specific user.

In case you wish to cancel the deletion of the user within the specific time period set, please check here: How can I cancel the deletion request of a user that has already been submitted?

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  • 25-May-2022