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Clear Saved Logins and Passwords from the Browsers
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It concerns access to the applications:

  • auctionONE
  • sourceONE
  • tradeONE (SOM)

You may be trying to connect in the page, and receive the error message ‘Invalid username or password'. The most likely reason for the appearance of the message is to enter incorrect your access codes.

If you have confirmed that the login credentials that you enter are correct, then one of the most common reasons for the message appearing is that the password has changed or even the username, and you haven’t confirmed that the saved Logins and Password should be updated on the browser.  In case you don't remember the username please contact the Company Account Administrator of your company to advice you. In case you do not remember the login password, follow the instructions in the article ‘I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

It has been noticed that sometimes, even if the user knows his login credentials, removes the saved logins and password from the fields on the page and enters the new ones, but he still receives the same message.

In this case in order, to login you should delete the saved logins from the browser by following instructions that your browser suggests you.

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