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What options do I have from the 'Users' option of 'My company' menu?
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The 'Users' option displays the registered users for the Legal and Natural Persons. At the top of the screen there is the option to search for a user using one of the filters available. The search is available whether you are a user or the Company Account Administrator.

If you are a user, you have only the right to view users. You can also view the status of the user, the Company Account Administrator and if you click under the column Actions the button “User’s details” (eye sign), more details about the user are displayed.

If you are the Company Account Administrator from the column Actions, you also have the following features.

Edit User

Click on the icon User Editing of the user you wish to edit. You can change any of his details. However, please note that although you are the Company Account Administrator you cannot change the user’s username. This change can be executed only by the user himself.

From the same screen you can, if you wish, change the Company Account Administrator. For more details, please click here: How can I change the Company Account Administrator?

Finally, you can add or delete users, or remove user’s roles.  Note that, it is always suggested that users have the roles “Auctions Bidder” and “Tender Participant”.

After the change, click the button Update.


Reset Pasword

Detailed instructions can be found on the link: I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

Delete User Request

Detailed instructions can be found on the link: How can I request deletion of another user of the Legal or natural person?

Activate/Deactivate User

Click on the icon On/Off (Activate or deactivate of the user you wish).

If the icon is blue, the user can be activated. The activation can be executed either for a new user that he is outstanding for acceptance in order, to receive credentials (user status: pending) or for a user that was deactivated in the past (user status: Inactive).

If the icon is red, you can deactivate the user.

Confirm Yes or No on the message that will appear.




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